The stylized military action worlds of the Tom Clancy brand are colliding, as a special event in Ghost Recon Wildlands brings in characters from Rainbow Six Siege. You can use two new Siege-inspired PvP classes or complete a two-part PvE mission starring Siege's operators. In the mission from Special Operation 2, titled Operation Archangel, Valkyrie tracks the missing operator Caveira to Bolivia. You'll partner with Twitch to help Valkyrie find Caveira, while unlocking the mystery of why he's in Bolivia at all. You can start the mission in the province of Caimanes, and it can be taken on solo or with four-player co-op. Completing the mission before August 14 will get you Caveira gloves, which unlocks a special CQC move and automatically unlocks enemy positions. You can also customize your Ghost character with a Rainbow Six Gear pack, which includes Caveria's Luison handgun, a new HK 416 assault rifle, a Valkyrie head-wrap shemagh, and a Twitch skull balaclava. Two new Ghost War PvP classes are also available. Toxic and Surgeon are inspired by Smoke and Doc from Siege, respectively. Toxic uses a drone to deploy toxic smoke, and Surgeon uses a stim pistol to revive teammates at range. The update also includes two more PvP maps, Factory and Checkpoint, a new Observer mode for spectating, and a higher difficulty PvE game mode with perma-death. SOURCE: