Following Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's remaster a couple of years ago, many fans thought that a Modern Warfare 2 remake would be right around the corner. Although nothing has yet to be officially announced, new reports suggest that a MW2 remaster is finally on the way. First reported by Call of Duty enthusiast site CharlieIntel, then later independently confirmed by Eurogamer, the Modern Warfare 2 remaster is in development and will be significantly cheaper than Modern Warfare Remastered. Both Eurogamer and CharlieIntel assert that MW2 Remastered will cost around $25 / €20, while Modern Warfare Remastered costs $40. The reports also assert that the game will not feature multiplayer, which is likely the reason for its lower price point. We do not yet know why Activision wouldn't include multiplayer; one completely speculative reason could be that the publisher hopes to avoid splitting the player base among too many different Call of Duty titles. The game will apparently launch on April 30, well ahead of Black Ops 4's October release for PS4 and Xbox One. Neither Eurogamer nor CharlieIntel have reported whether or not it'll come to PC. Further, CharlieIntel stated that its sources said that Raven Software, which was responsible for Modern Warfare Remastered, is not working on Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. SOURCE: