Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 continues with Season 3, which introduces Operation Grim Sky. Operation Grim Sky adds a map rework for Hereford Base, as well as two new Operators--the first of which just got her first trailer. Nicknamed Clash, she's described on Rainbow Six Siege's blog as "a Defender from Great Britain. She's a tough police officer who's an expert on mob behavior and snatch-squad tactics. She knows she belongs on the front line and she won't tolerate any nonsense." Clash is the first Rainbow Six Siege Defender to come with a shield, which seems to fully extend and cover her entire body like the Attacker Montagne. Unlike Montagne, Clash's shield looks lighter, which probably translates into a faster movement speed at the cost of being unable to block powerful explosives. Clash's trailer also suggests she needs both hands to wield her shield, unlike Montagne, Fuze, and Blitz who can hold up their shield with one arm and fire with a pistol from the other. Since she can't use her hands to fire a gun, Clash's shield comes equipped with a taser, which appears powerful enough to launch electricity forward. Whether this taser merely stuns or outright kills hasn't been revealed, but regardless Clash seems to be a support Operator for Defense teams. She acts as a much taller barricade for weak points and can dispense crowd control against aggressive Attackers. Clash's full reveal, along with the rest of the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Grim Sky, will be announced during Six Major Paris on August 19. The event will be streamed live via Twitch. SOURCE: