PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds first arrived on Xbox One late last year with its release on the Xbox Game Preview program, and now the popular battle royale game has officially launched on Microsoft's console. PUBG's big 1.0 update is now available, bringing the title out of early access and introducing a slew of new content to it, including a third map, new weapons, and more. The most significant addition is Sanhok, the tropical-themed map introduced in the PC version of PUBG earlier this year. Unlike the game's first two stages, Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok measures only 4km x 4km (as opposed to 8x8), making it much smaller than PUBG's previous maps. As a result, matches contested on Sanhok are much quicker and more intense than normal. Arriving alongside Sanhok are a handful of items. First is a pair of new guns: the QBZ and the QBU, the latter of which can only be found on Sanhok. PUBG Corp. has also added a new map-exclusive vehicle to Sanhok: the Rony, a pickup truck that can hold up to four players. You can take a look at images of them below. With a third map now available, PUBG Corp. has introduced two new playlists: Battle Royale and Mini Royale. The former will randomly drop players onto either Erangel or Miramar, while the latter will only feature Sanhok for the time being. You can select both playlists to be randomly matched up on one of the three maps. You can find the full patch notes for PUBG's 1.0 release on the game's official website. Also coming to the game are War Mode and custom matches, but these will arrive a little later "to let everyone enjoy and delve into each contents with time." War Mode is expected to launch later this month as a weekend event, while custom matches will be added in October. SOURCE: