Last week saw the release of the third new DLC expansion for Destiny 2, Forsaken. It's much larger than the last two, being positioned as the equivalent of the previous entry's game-changing Taken King expansion. Whether it'll add the long-term legs players crave remains to be see, but early signs are encouraging. In the meantime, there is a lot of new stuff to take in--including Exotics (both weapons and armor) for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans to get their hands on. Be sure to check out our Forsaken review-in-progress for thoughts on what we've played so far, ahead of the Raid launching on September 14. Following the recent changes made as part of the 2.0 update, among the many additions and changes in Forsaken and the update are a new Power level cap, Strikes, story missions, areas to explore, a Raid (launching September 14), Gambit mode, Crucible maps, and much more. But players take part in many of these activities with one goal: to secure new gear, and specifically Exotic weapons and armor. You can always buy some old ones from Xur, but it's the new stuff that's most exciting. No doubt there are many hidden Exotics to uncover, some of which may not be available right away. But already we've either gotten our hands on or been able to preview a ton of the Exotic weapons and armor included, and you can see them above, including one of the new weapon type, bows. We'll continue to expand this as we come across more. One thing to bear in mind is that there are a select number of items that you'll only find on PS4. As with previous Destiny content releases, Sony has a timed exclusivity arrangement that sees certain things released first on PS4. With Forsaken, that includes a Strike called Broodhold, an Exotic weapon called Wavesplitter (pictured above), an Exotic ship (Great Beyond), and an armor set for each class: Thorium Holt (Warlock), Red Moon Phantom (Hunter), and Mimetic Savior (Titan). All of this will eventually release on Xbox One and PC, but not until at least Fall 2019. SOURCE: