After 10 weeks of challenges, Fortnite Season 5 is drawing to a close, which means Season 6 of the phenomenally popular (and matrimonially detrimental) battle royale game is just around the corner. Developer Epic Games hasn't formally announced when the new season will begin, but all signs indicate that Season 6 will kick off next week. According to the official Fortnite website, Season 5 is set to conclude on Tuesday, September 25. In the past, Epic would begin a new season just as the previous one was ending, which suggests that Season 6 should arrive shortly after Season 5 officially wraps up. Tuesday is also typically the day the developer rolls out a new Fortnite update, further suggesting that Season 6 will start early next week. As for what we can expect, the lead up to Season 6 has been fairly quiet, particularly compared to that of Season 5. In the weeks running up to that season, mysterious rifts started to form in the game, which would eventually swallow up Fortnite objects and "drop" them in the real world. There haven't been any unusual happenings on that scale recently, but there have been some strange in-game phenomena. Specifically, a giant lightning bolt struck the desert last month, leaving a mysterious purple cube in its wake. Epic hasn't formally commented on the cube or its purpose, but it certainly has some relation to Season 6. It also has some rather strange properties; when it first materialized, it would rejuvenate a player's shields when they stood near it, but striking it would cause them to launch backward and take damage. The cube also began to mysteriously roll around the map. Epic will undoubtedly answer these questions once Season 6 officially arrives, but in the meantime, this is your last chance to complete any remaining Season 5 challenges and unlock this season's rewards. SOURCE: