A hidden quest in Destiny 2 has a special reward for those who go through multiple steps: the powerful Exotic hand cannon Malfeasance. You'll need to do a bit of footwork for it, but the stats and perks make it well worth your time. As detailed by user ADT7 on Reddit (and confirmed by GameSpot), the Seething Heart quest pops up organically in some Gambit matches. An Ascendant Primeval Servitor will sometimes appear, and defeating it opens up the Exotic quest. From there, the steps are as follows: Visit the Drifter in the Tower Defeat 25 Taken bosses or mini-bosses in the Dreaming City Complete "The Corrupted" Deposit Motes (dropped Motes temporarily subtract x2) Invade opponents in Gambit and defeat 25 opposing Guardians; also, defeat four opposing Guardians as an invader OR have an ally invader defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion three times Meanwhile, a new Crucible mode called Breakthrough just launched as well, and you can more easily get a third Seed of Light. SOURCE: gamespot.com