DICE held a Reddit AMA to answer questions about the classes and combat roles in Battlefield 5. The AMA was run by Battlefield 5's multiplayer producer David Sirland, design director Danial Berlin, and senior producer Andreas Morell. Questions centered around the four recent blog posts detailing Battlefield 5's four classes--Assault, Medic, Recon, and Support--and their respective combat roles. Every class gets two combat roles that come with unique loadouts to fit different play styles. Assault's combat roles are Light Infantry and Tank Buster, while Medics are divided into Field and Combat. The Recon class can take on the role of a Sniper or Pathfinder, and you can Support your teammates as an Engineer or Machine Gunner. "The weapon restrictions sits on your class and not on the combat role," Morell wrote. "So if you play Support and pick the machine gunner role you will be better suited to handle MMGs with the passive traits you have, but you are not limited to MMGs--you can play with any support weapons you like." Morell went on to add that the Tanker/Pilot classes also still technically exist. You won't preselect the class beforehand like with the other four, though. Instead, you take on the Tanker/Pilot class when you spawn into a vehicle or aircraft. Because of this, you won't be able to customize your individual Tanker/Pilot class, however, you'll be able to change the parts in the vehicle you drive--both cosmetically and mechanically--for your own ideal experience. Sirland confirmed you'll be able to switch between whichever class and combat role you're using on the deploy screen, so you won't be tied to any one class or combat role for an entire match. However, the second combat role for each class is locked at the game's launch, and you'll need to play as the class you want to unlock the second combat role for. Sirland added there might be a future possibility that players unlock combat roles through Tides of War or Assignments, but DICE hasn't decided on that yet. According to Berlin, the team is already looking at the results of the Battlefield 5 beta to update some of the classes. "We are looking into the ability for the Medic to choose between the medic pouch and crate within the first gadget slot, and the same thing goes for the Support--being able to choose between the ammo pouch and crate on gadget slot 1," wrote Berlin. The team wants to maintain the role of Medics and Supports as complementary classes to Assault and Recon, but it thinks both classes could use a bit more customization. Battlefield 5 launches on November 20 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. There is both a Standard and Deluxe Edition of the game, both of which come with pre-order bonuses. SOURCE: gamespot.com