Apex Legends has a new update, which Respawn has detailed in their latest patch notes. The update adds a new firing range to the game and several balance changes and tweaks. With these new changes, Apex Legends' Halloween-themed Fight or Fright event comes to an end; it's November now, after all. This means that if you're looking to unlock Lifeline's heirloom, you'll now have to rely on chance. With Shadowfall leaving Apex Legends' game mode rotation, a new limited-time Duos mode has gone live alongside the new update--the new mode will remain in the game until November 19. The firing range is a great addition for those wondering which character to buy in Apex Legends, as jumping in allows you to test any legend and their corresponding abilities--giving you a chance to try Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, and Crypto prior to purchasing them. You can enter the firing range solo or as a squad, and experiment with all in-game loot items. In the update's patch notes, Respawn says additional "future improvements" are on the way. In terms of balance changes, the new update doesn't add all that many. The Wingman is getting a nerf: dealing less damage on headshots. Projectile width has also been adjusted for all shotguns (EVA-8, Mozambique, and Peacekeeper), the L-Star, and several sniper rifles (Longbow DMR, Kraber, and G7 Scout). Perhaps the most noticeable changes are several buffs for Crypto. Though the hacker is very beginner-friendly, the legend has seen a drop-off in ranked play due to the weaknesses tied to his passive playstyle. The buff to his Ultimate ability greatly increases his usefulness, allowing his EMP to damage shields even after enemies have dropped them. Now, Wraith is the only legend who can easily escape the effects of Crypto's Ultimate. The update also adds a new feature that allows you to reroll on your daily challenges. From now on, all players will receive one easy, one medium, and one hard challenge each day. If you want more or different challenges, you can pay Legend Tokens to unlock new dailies. The first reroll will cost 200 tokens, followed by 500 for a second reroll, and 1000 for every consecutive reroll. The cost will reset every day. In the settings, you can now adjust the cursor speed as well--a change that will allow you to loot death boxes much more quickly. There's also no countdown prior to picking your character at the start of the match--so be ready to pick in case you're up first. You'll also now be able to see the ammo type of the guns your teammates are using while in the inventory menu, a pretty nice change that will make it easier to know whether you and your teammates are all searching for the same type of ammo. The quip wheel has also been tied to a new input, allowing you to more easily access your chosen legends' quips in the middle of a match. SOURCE: gamespot.com