Bungie has released some new details outlining much of what's coming with Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy when it kicks off on March 10. One big and interesting change is the Guardian Games, a new event that'll run for three weeks in the middle of the season. It's something that's new to Destiny 2 and apparently replaces a seasonal event that ran last year during a similar period.

The Season of the Worthy's roadmap provides a fairly minimal description of the event, but does give a bit of an idea of what to expect. Bungie calls the Guardian Games a "class competition," which will include new Legendary armor as rewards. The name "Guardian Games" sounds like it might have an Olympics feel, and since the 2020 Summer Olympics are running in Tokyo this July and August, that makes thematic sense.

Last year, Destiny 2 saw a different seasonal event around this time--the Revelry, which took on a springtime theme and included timed events and special rewards. Apparently, Bungie is ditching the Revelry this year for the Guardian Games, which definitely sound like they'll have a more competitive flair than the Revelry, which was a largely PvE event.

If past events are any indication, the Guardian Games will likely feature some special weapons that can only be attained during its three-week run, as well as unique Legendary armor. Other than that, it's tough to say what the event will be like, but it does seem interesting that Bungie is putting the focus on class competition, something that doesn't really happen much in Destiny 2.

The trailer and roadmap also show a few other interesting tidbits for the season. We're getting a new difficulty level for The Ordeal, the toughest version of Nightfall Strikes currently in the game, called "Grandmaster" difficulty. The trailer also shows the 4th Horseman, an Exotic shotgun from Destiny 1, which suggests it'll be attained by completing an Exotic quest sometime in the season. And of course, the Trials of Osiris are returning, bringing back the game's toughest PvP competition after two years of absence.

SOURCE: gamespot.com